Note to My Readers

You may see some erratic posting here over the next few weeks. I start a nonfiction writing class Wednesday.

Although it meets only once a week for two hours on Wednesdays, it will last 10 weeks and I am not yet certain of its intensity and/or assignment load. Some posts (i.e., Saturday Snippets and Simply Sunday) will continue as always. Those requiring more preparation will be the ones popping up here and there. For example, today and tomorrow I am working on a pre-class assignment and it is taking some time away from blogging.

I didn’t sign up for this class without prayer and consideration, and as I believe God has provided this opportunity, I want to do my best.


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Like to Know More About Writing? How to Improve? And More?

Today I’m inviting you over to my writing blog, Sherrey Meyer, Writer. Why?

Because God has placed something new on my heart to share there, something I can do to help other writers, both beginning and not so new. So, if you write or want to write or want to improve your writing, I invite you to read this snippet below, and then visit me over at my other place to see what’s going on.


For months, I have contemplated starting a bi-weekly newsletter. There are several newsletters I receive via email, and I enjoy each one for its uniqueness and informational worth.

Over the last couple of days, I convinced myself that if I never try, I will never know what the experience of being a newspaper woman is like. My father began his career in publishing as a newspaper man. Perhaps that’s where the itch originated.

Starting in August, I will email a newsletter of writing news and tips on a bi-weekly basis on Thursdays to my mailing list. The first edition will come out on Thursday, August 14th.


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